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Airport Car Parking

Modern day air travel, not withstanding delays, can be a stressful experience with getting to the airport, booking in and then waiting for your flight. Pre booking your airport parking is one area where you can reduce that stress. Not only can you save money by pre-booking but avoid the hassle of looking for a parking space when you get to the airport. There are various options of car parks available depending on which airport you are flying from. Not all airports have all the options.

On - Airport Parking

On airport car parks are, as the name suggests located within the airport boundary. Some are only a short distance from the terminal with trolleys for your luggage, whilst others run an optional transfer service to the terminal, on average taking around 5 minutes.

Off - Airport Parking

Off airport car parks are usually located only a few miles from the airport and generally offer the best value for money. With a free transfer service to the airport terminal, at most taking around 10 minutes and avoiding the need to negotiate other airport traffic they are a popular choice with many travelers. On return from your holiday or business trip the transfer service will be available to take you and your luggage back to your car.

Meet and Greet parking

Meet and greet or Valet parking offers the most convenience but of course is going to be more costly compared to other choices. There is no need to search for aparking space or even use the airport transfer services. Once you have made your booking all you have to do is drive to the airport terminal (arrangements may vary according to airport) and hand your car over to an experienced and fully insured Meet and Greet driver. Your car is then taken to a secure car park, this may be on or off airport and delivered back to you when you return from your trip. Some meet and greet services offer additional choices of getting your car fully valet cleaned while you are away.

Why should you book your airport parking with us?

We offer cheaper airport car parking from as little as £4.50 per day ( depending on length of stay ) at secure airport car parks, many have been awarded the Park Mark award for safer parking.
Your airport car parking space will be allocated and guaranteed, and you will have no need to search for your space on arrival or on your return.
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Our best price guarantee means pre-booking your airport parking will save you money.

Once you have parked your car, what can you do next ?

Airport Lounges

Do you want to avoid the crowds and relax while you wait for your flight?
Then why not pre-book the Servisair Executive lounge with Askme4Lounges.
The Servisair Executive lounge is situated in the departures area of the airport and is available to all passengers not just first class or business.
The fee includes complimentary drinks and snacks.

Airport Hotels

If you are taking an early morning flight or maybe arriving back after a holiday and need a rest before driving, why not book an Aberdeen Airport Hotel before or after your journey.

We can offer up to 60% discounts at most Airport Hotels or hotel with inclusive parking packages. Compare prices and book now at Askme4hotels.

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